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Sunday 23rd September

There will not be an official service at the church due to road closures connected with the Ironman event. However, Mary Bennett will be opening the doors of WBC and serving refreshments. If you can help with this then please speak to Mary. Life Groups are encouraged to meet to pray or have communion, a meal, some neighbourhood service, or all of these and more.


Walking Weyfinders

Tuesday 25th September is the next date for Walking Weyfinders. Please meet outside the Manse at 2.30pm (4 Weymouth Bay Avenue, DT3 5AB). The walk will last between 1 and 1.5 hours before returning for refreshments with our hosts Peter & Julia Mockett. For any who prefer a more leisurely walk, a group will follow a shorter route to return slightly earlier. Please speak to Gill Bridle for further details and your programme.


Harvest Flowers

We will be decorating the Church for Harvest on Saturday 29th September from 3pm and we would like to ask for your help again. If you would like to come along and help you will be very welcome and don’ worry, we will be on hand to guide you and you won’ be asked to create elaborate arrangements (unless, of course you want to!).

Harvest is a time to celebrate and give thanks for God’s provision and bounty and to reflect this we would be grateful for grasses including wheat ears, seed heads, rose hips, berries, conkers, acorns, sycamore seeds and autumn coloured leaves and other greenery. Any donations can be dropped off at Church at 3pm on the 29th

If you would like to donate flowers, we would love any flowers in autumn colours (reds, oranges, yellows and browns). If you would like to donate money towards flowers this would be gratefully received. Please contact Brenda or Doris to arrange delivery of any donations, including donations of fresh fruits and vegetables and tinned and packet foods. This year any fresh foods donated will be going to Soul Food and tinned and packet food will be donated to the Food Bank.



Bookings are still being made for 21st - 25th October at The Elizabeth Hotel, Sidmouth, for the Weyfinders Autumn Holiday.  Limited single and double rooms available for Bed, Breakfast and Evening meal. Parking is available and The Elizabeth is situated on the Sea Front and close to the shops.  If you would like to join us please let June Stephens know as it helps with those who may need transport. You can make your own booking and find out any further details by ringing the Elizabeth Tel. 01395 513503.


Calling all ladies who were or are in the armed forces

Girls’s Brigade would like to hear from you in relation to their current badgework.

Please contact Pauline Hardisty.


Support for Romania

With news from Alan and Ann Penrose that sadly their next visit in November (their 167th) will be the last. A copy of their September Newsletter and Pictorial Sheet can be found on the WBC notice board in the corridor.


A Date For Your Diary

There will be a prayer event on Sunday 4th November 6.30pm at the church that will be led by PAIS. This will be in place of our normal prayer event that would have been at 7.15pm the same evening.


Mission News

Hard copies of the September issue can be found on the ‘Hub’ desk, please help yourself, or download from here. Named copies are in the letter racks in the Welcome Area.


Helper Required

We need another helper to help run the crèche on a once a month basis. You will need to be a member of the church and love playing with little kids and babies. If you would like to help then please phone Julia Mockett.


Anna Johnson

Dear all,

As many of you will know, I am off to Thailand for 6 months this coming October with BMS to be part of the mission work already started in the country. 
For those who have been asking, if you would like to support me financially, this link goes to my Just Giving Page. 
Don't feel oblige to give; your prayers are more important. 
Thank you,

Anna Johnson.


Church Flowers

Many thanks to all who provide the flowers for the church week by week. Please remember that YOU are responsible for giving them out at the end of the service. If that is not possible, please contact Jan McKie. It is such a pity for them to be wasted when someone who is ill, shut in or just needs cheering up could be enjoying them.


BMS Birthday Scheme

When you celebrate another year of life, would you consider making a donation to BMS World Mission? Your donation will be used to promote the work of doctors, dentists, etc. and also includes work towards disease prevention and positive health. On your birthday, you will be given a card and an envelope in which to put any donation. For more information, please contact Liz LeQuesne or Rosemary Croft. Thank you.


Stamps for Mission

There is a container on the ‘Hub’ desk for any used postage stamps.

Please take care when removing the stamps from envelopes. Kindly leave a gap around the outside to ensure that the perforations are not damaged. Thank you.


WBC News

The latest news featuring items that are of specific interest to Weymouth Baptist Church.

Page updated 21st September

WBC’s memory verses for 2018

Pastoral Updates

Kindly inform the Church Office of any changes to your details i.e. address, telephone number or email address. Many thanks.

Please send all pastoral matters to Peter Mockett (Senior Pastor)Thank you.

Peter’s day off is normally a Monday.

Timo, our Youth Pastor, will normally be off on Wednesdays.

(Links in blue are to the Contact Form)

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