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Nominations for Election of Elders and Deacons at AGM February 20th 2018

The function of the Elders is to provide spiritual oversight and to maintain the unity and purity of the Church. The function of Deacons is to assist Ministers and Elders in leading the Church including management, finance, administration, property and legal matters. Elders are appointed for a 5-year term and require 75% of those voting and Deacons for 3 years and need 66% of those voting.

This year Jan McKie and Ted Winter are standing for election again and we are looking for 3 new Deacons, particularly a new Church Secretary. Mary Bennett will be standing down next month and we thank her for her faithful service in this role. Mary has kindly put together a brief “Job Description” to aid anyone considering the office. The role includes being a Trustee under charity law, attending a monthly Deacons meeting (setting the agenda and collating signed minutes), organising a quarterly church member meeting and the AGM, liasing with Baptist Union and attending to any assigned actions as well as being part of the Leaders Forum that meets monthly before the prayer meeting. If you would like a more complete version of this either, ask Sue at the church office or see Peter or speak with Mary herself.

We are also hoping and praying that there will be other Deacons nominated who would be prepared to serve with no specific areas of responsibility.

To nominate someone as a Deacon please PRAY and refer to Constitution paragraph 19. Then: 1. Seek the agreement of the person you wish to nominate, 2. Give the name in writing to the current church secretary (Mary) no later than Tuesday February 6th.

To nominate an Elder please PRAY and refer to Constitution paragraph 20. Then give their name in writing to the Senior Pastor (Peter) no later than Tuesday February 6th.


Pre-Service Prayer Sunday’ 9.15 – 9.45am

As the old prayer room is now a teaching room for the children the pre-service prayer time will be held in Peter’ Office (Upstairs at the rear of the church).


New Members Meal – Friday 2nd February 7.30pm

Peter and Julia would like to invite anyone who would like to find out more about becoming a Member of WBC to supper at 4 Weymouth Bay Avenue. This is an opportunity to meet others, spend time getting to know Peter and Julia and find out about membership. If you would like to come, please let Peter know on 07969 668509 (and any dietary requirements).


Women In Flight

The next women's event, to encourage us all to be obedient and soar in the Lord's strength, is on Saturday 3rd February. Held in the church and this time at 10.30am to 1pm for worship, learning and sharing with lunch to finish it will, we pray, be another blessed and enjoyable time together. Crèche available. Please let Jan McKie know if you can attend.


Weyfinders (50+ Group)

Weyfinders are invited on Tuesday 16th January to the home of Liz and Peter Joslin. 2 Cornhill Way, Sutton Poyntz for a Coffee Morning at 10.30am. Liz will be speaking on "My Life as a Dietician". Looking forward to seeing you there.

Walking Weyfinders is a new project for us, and walks will be included during the year, even walks with a difference so if you are not able to walk you can still be included. Sounds interesting!  Watch this space for details.

Our 2018 varied programme is available on the ‘Hub’ desk in the Welcome Area, or from one of our team members. We look forward to seeing you at any of our gatherings or coffee mornings.


Songs of Praise at WBC

Our next Songs of Praise will be on Sunday 21st January.

4.30pm Refreshments         5.00pm Songs of Praise


Mums Together

Our next meeting will be Friday 19th January, 10.30-12.00 at Rhiannon's house.

Please note there will be no meeting in February. More on Mums Together here.


Eagles Wings

There are copies of the Eagles Wings Ministries newsletter on the ‘Hub’ desk. Please help yourself to a copy.


Stamps for Mission

There is a container on the ‘Hub’ desk for any used postage stamps.

Please take care when removing the stamps from envelopes. Kindly leave a gap around the outside to ensure that the perforations are not damaged. Thank you.


Envelopes for BMS and HM

If anyone would like a set of envelopes for 2018 to support our Baptist Missionary Society and Home Mission serving our Churches at home, please speak to Rosemary Croft.


Our Daily Bread Bible Notes (Large Print)

We were very sad at the sudden closure of Avon Lea Nursing Home and the obvious re-homing of the residents who had been there for many years. We now have copies of these notes, which would have been used there. Please see us if you would like a copy. Len & Rosemary Croft.


Have You Seen…?

The drum toolbox (from the music room) has gone missing. If anyone knows anything about this, then please speak to either Paul Newton or Jack Curtis. Thank you


A/V Team

The A/V Team urgently need more volunteers on the rota to man the sound desk and work the visuals - without them we would not enjoy the Sunday service in the way we are used to. Please see Murray, Ian or Rob who would be pleased to talk through what is required, and give the appropriate training.


WBC Weekly Offertory Envelopes


WBC Flowers

If you kindly provide the flowers for the church week by week, will you please tick your name on the sheet on the table in the Welcome Area if you are willing to provide them next year.

There are empty spaces, so if you would like to fill one of those weeks, please fill your name in the space. Thank you all so much. Brenda Woodsford.



Additional volunteers are sort to help set up and clear away Communion on a Sunday morning. You will only be called upon 3-4 times during 2018, on a rota basis. Kindly contact Sue in the Church Office if you would like to help in this way.


WANTED for the Sunday night Soup Run

Items needed are warm clothing such as coats, jumpers, scarfs, woolly hats, gloves, etc. Also needed are sleeping bags and blankets.

Items need to be in good condition.

The weather is getting colder now so these items are desperately required.

Please pass items to Kevin Butcher or Richard Homer.


Mission News

Copies of the January edition can be found on the ‘Hub’ desk, please help yourself to a copy. Named copies are in the letter racks, or online here.


Room Cleaning

At the church meeting it was decided to monitor the state of all the rooms to help keep them tidy and to help the cleaners. We would therefore ask each user group to complete the monitoring sheet displayed in the room on entry and departure. Many thanks. The deacons.

Our recycling boxes now have labels showing what items are suitable for each box. We would be very grateful if everyone could separate items and place them in the correct recycling boxes. Thank you

Please note the coffee cup bins are emptied by hand prior to recycling of cups. Please do not put dirty tissues, chewing gum, sweet wrappers etc in the cups. There is a general rubbish bin in the Welcome Area by the letter racks. Thank you.


WBC News

The latest news featuring items that are of specific interest to Weymouth Baptist Church.

Please Pray For:

Sep Callaby, Kathi and Aaron Chapman, Sue Evans, Keith Pearce, June & Derek Stephens and Ray & Kath Spracklen.

Peter Mockett away Sunday 21st - Wednesday 24th January.

Page updated 12th January

WBC’s memory verses for 2018

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Youth and Children’s Minister.

Full Job Description here.