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Songs of Praise

The next Songs of Praise at WBC will be on Sunday 24th March starting at 4.30pm with refreshments.


Weyfinders Spring Blossom Lunch

At Holme Nurseries, West Holme, Wareham. BH20 6AQ on Tuesday 26th March at 12noon. You may choose from the menu on the day. If anyone needs a lift, please let Jocelyn or Gill & Andy know.


Food for the Lantern

It will be the turn of WBC to help provide food for the homeless on Sunday 31st March. The green boxes will be in the Welcome Area for your donations together with a list of suggested items.



WBC are looking for 2 helpers in Sunday School from May onwards. On a once a month basis, no preparation needed. One to help with 5-7 years old and one with 7-11 year olds. Please speak to Julia Mockett.


WBC Members’ Directory

We are hoping to produce an updated booklet fairly soon. If any member hasn’t already signed a Privacy Notice, giving us permission to print their details, then you will need to do so in order that your entry is included. Likewise, if your details have changed since returning your Privacy Notice then please either contact Sue in the Church Office or speak to Ted so that it can be updated with the correct information.


SCBA Safeguarding Training Day at WBC. Saturday 11th May

9.15am  Coffee and Registration

9.30-12.30pm  Level 2 Training (with a coffee break) (Food Bank, Soup Run,

   Prayer Team, Treasures). (For any Children’s, Youth, Families & Pastoral             Teams who missed the training 2 years ago or any new    volunteers)

12.30-1.15pm  Lunch

1.15-4.15pm   Level 3 Training (Ministers, Trustees (Deacons/Elders) & the Designated                       Person for Safeguarding)

  (Those attending Level 3 need to have attended Level 2 training)

Tea & coffee provided. Please bring a packed lunch if staying for Level 3 Training. To book, please contact Ian Newton

Cost £10 per person – donations are acceptable.


Sanctuary Youth Club Summer Camp 2019


We are planning to attend the Big Church Day Out this year, as numbers were too low to go to Soul Survivor.

The event runs from Friday 24th May to Sunday 26th May.

The cost will be £85 for those 16+ and £70 for those under 16 for entry ticket, camping and food. This can be paid weekly/monthly if this helps.

we will arrange transport according to numbers.

The festival takes place at Wiston House, West Sussex, and is open to all age groups not just teens.


Each person will need to bring their own tent, sleeping bag etc. unless they have arranged to share a tent with someone else of the same sex.


Please see Nick Wrightson for a booking form.





WBC Letter Racks

These are in the Welcome Area and are for everyone to use (not just WBC members).


Dates of Church Members’ Meetings for 2019

These will all be Tuesdays at 7.30pm – 30th April, 16th July and 22nd October.

Everyone welcome.


WBC Weekly Offertory Envelopes

Anyone wishing to have a set for the remainder of this year, please contact Sue in the Church Office or speak to Neil.


Envelopes for BMS and HM

If anyone would like a set of envelopes for 2019 to support our Baptist Missionary Society and Home Mission serving our Churches at home, please speak to Rosemary Croft.


Church Flowers

Many thanks to all who provide the flowers for the church week by week. Please remember that YOU are responsible for giving them out at the end of the service. If that is not possible, please contact Jan McKie. It is such a pity for them to be wasted when someone who is ill, shut in or just needs cheering up could be enjoying them.


BMS Birthday Scheme

When you celebrate another year of life, would you consider making a donation to BMS World Mission? Your donation will be used to promote the work of doctors, dentists, etc. and also includes work towards disease prevention and positive health. On your birthday, you will be given a card and an envelope in which to put any donation. For more information, please contact Liz LeQuesne or Rosemary Croft. Thank you.


Stamps for Mission

There is a container on the ‘Hub’ desk for any used postage stamps.

Please take care when removing the stamps from envelopes. Kindly leave a gap around the outside to ensure that the perforations are not damaged. Thank you.


WBC News

The latest news featuring items that are of specific interest to Weymouth Baptist Church.

Page updated 22nd March

Please Pray For:

Don Bridle, Eric Crouch, Liz Joslin and June Stephens.

Domestic Abuse

If you are affected in any way by domestic abuse, or are seeking information on it, the Baptist Union has issued a comprehensive Guide, accompanied by a Youtube video, available on our Downloads page.

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Pastoral Updates

Kindly inform the Church Office of any changes to your details i.e. address, telephone number or email address. Many thanks.

Please send all pastoral matters to Peter Mockett (Senior Pastor) Thank you.

Peter’s day off is normally a Monday.

Timo, our Youth Pastor, will normally be off on Wednesdays.

(Links in blue are to the Contact Form)