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Peter Preaching
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To hear a sermon, click (or press) on its green speaker icon.

To download the sermon as an mp3 file: right-click (or long-press) on the icon and select Save link as . . or similar depending on your browser and operating system.

We hold sermons on CD from January 2004, and are indexed in the Sermon Catalogue .

Copies of any sermon from the Sermon Catalogue can be made freely available on request to Ted Winter using our Contact Form, with the details of the sermon/s required. The sermon will be copied as an mp3 file, typically around 10MB, and uploaded to Dropbox. An email will then be sent from Dropbox containing a link to download the file.

Rev Peter Mockett 2017-33.mp3 20th August 2017. Speaker: Rev. Peter Mockett. Title: Can God? God can! 2017-34.mp3 27th August 2017. Speaker: Jack Curtis Title: The Greatest Love Story Ever 2017-35.mp3 3rd Sept. 2017. Speakers: Ian Newton and Peter Mockett Titles: (1) Visit to Tajikistan (2) The Great Commission 2017-36.mp3 10th September 2017. Speaker: Rev Peter Mockett Title: Can God Really Meet Your Needs? 2017-37.mp3 24th September 2017. Speaker: Stuart Dennis Title: Return To Sender